Aquatic Invasive Species  (AIS) (sometimes called exotic, invasive, nonindigenous or non-native) are aquatic organisms that invade ecosystems beyond their natural, historic range.  Their presence may harm native ecosystems or commerical, agricultural, or recreational activities dependent on these ecosystems.

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) have become a local issue as infestations have been found in Kandiyohi County.  Kandiyohi County has taken a proactive approach to the issue.  One way it has been proactive is by educating the public on best management practices that will prevent the spread of AIS.

In Minnesota it is illegal to:

-Transport watercraft without the drain plug removed.
-Arrive at a lake access with drain plug in place.
-Transport aquatic plants, zebra mussels, or other prohibited species, whether dead or alive.
-Launch watercraft with prohibited species attached.
-Transport water from Minnesota lakes or rivers.
-Release live bait into the water.

What makes Kandiyohi County great? LAKES!  Help keep them healthy by decontaminating any type of watercraft at no charge.  Call 320-214-6740 for the Aquatic Invasive Species Hotline listing decontamination times and locations.  Check the Minnesota DNR website for more AIS information:

Kandiyohi County Aquatic Invasive Speices Plan-2014 Draft

DNR Clean, Drain, Dry (You Tube video)


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